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How I Stay Motivated to Build My Business While Working a Day Job

Written by Victoria Haughey


Posted on August 12 2019

As many of you may know, I launched Sweet On You Boutique a few months ago! And while I wish it was my full-time gig, it just isn't right now. I currently work a full-time job as a social media marketer in the city of brotherly love, while building my dream business on the side.

Because I work a day job, my schedule consists of traveling an hour to and from work, taking public transportation, and working 9 to 5. So the only time I really have to work on my business is on nights and weekends. That's right. I said nights and weekends! *gasp*

A typical 20-something-year-old may look at me crazy when I say I've given up going out with friends to work on my business most Friday nights. Or that I barely watch TV because I spend the majority of my “free time” building my boutique. What’s The Bachelor, again? Keeping Up With the Kardashi-who???

But seriously, I've had to sacrifice a lot while running the business. I've missed out on family parties and friendly get-togethers. I've unfortunately had to say "no" to many things. And, I'm not going to lie, sometimes it sucks, and I get a major case of FOMO.

So how do I do it? How do I have the motivation to work a "second shift" after coming home from an already long day at work? How do I commit to work on my store while friends are out and about for the night? Well, in the past few months of being open for business, I've learned a lot about what inspires me to remain persistent.  And today, I'm sharing these with you. Here's how I stay motivated to build my business while working my day job:

  • I remember my "why". I think this might be the number one driving force that keeps me motivated. I simply think about why I started Sweet On You Boutique in the first place. I have always wanted to pursue my own passions and turn them into a career for myself. I’ve wanted to create a life I love, doing what I love. And, most importantly, I have wanted to inspire women to feel confident in themselves to do the same. I constantly think about how much I want my business to empower other women to believe in their dreams and to act on them. This thought alone is what gives me the clarity and will power to keep going in moments when I feel like I can't.
  • I create a routine. Being that I only have nights and weekends to work on my business, I really try to organize my life by creating schedules. My weeknight boutique routine consists of checking my store's social media accounts, updating content, creating nightly to-do lists, and prioritizing them to make sure I accomplish my goals in a timely fashion. This regimen has put my brain on autopilot, and it has become second nature for me to work on my store after my 9-to-5! This truly has become a foundation for running my business.
  • I listen to inspiring and uplifting podcasts. Seriously! This works! Ever since I started working full-time and running my business, I've really found a love for listening to podcasts. If you find the right ones, they can literally feel like you have someone in your ear giving you the motivation and inspiration to keep going. I just recently shared my favorite podcasts in my newest YouTube video, which you can find, here. I swear, I can't listen to these and not leave feeling like I can take on the world!
  • I reach out to my business community. When I’m lacking in motivation or feel uninspired, I reach out to my community. If you don’t have business besties, I encourage you to join Facebook groups! I’ve recently joined a few for boutique owners, and it’s amazing to hear advice from other female leaders in my industry. It’s nice to know that they’ve encountered some of the same difficulties I may currently be having.  They have the life experiences to help me through, whenever I need it.
  • I give myself grace. Let's face it. You’re not always motivated. I follow all of the tips I’ve mentioned and sometimes, still, I'm just not feeling it. And that's okay! I've learned that while I need to put lot of hard work into the business, I also need to give myself a break when I feel overworked. The business runs on me, and me alone. If I don’t take care of myself, my business will fall down with me. So, I’ve learned to give myself grace and to take breaks when needed. This has been a crucial part in keeping me going.  

So, that's how I do it. That's how I manage to keep building my business while working my day job. Although it is hard sometimes, I always follow these tips, and they keep me going. I push through moments of doubt, and I show up for myself every day. If you find yourself in the same position (starting a new project, opening a business, trying out something new), I hope that you will hold onto these tips and use them. Your goals are achievable with the right mindset. Always remember — you can do it!

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