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Why You Should Never Stop Learning (Especially As An Entrepreneur)

Written by Victoria Haughey


Posted on October 29 2019

"Education Breeds Success"

Whether you graduated from high school, finished college, or got your master's degree (congratulations, by the way!), your education should not stop there. If you want to be successful, you must constantly push yourself to learn more.

I know what you're thinking.

"Tori, there's no way in heck I'm going back to school!" And, girl you don't have to!

You can regularly educate yourself without having to enroll in a few college courses (although that is super helpful, too). By reading books, listening to podcasts, attending networking events and seminars, paying for an online coach (stay tuned for my one-on-one business coaching program launching in 2020), and researching the Internet, you can easily educate yourself on things you don’t yet know.

Sure, continuously expanding your skills looks great on your resume, but the real reason you should make a lifelong commitment to your education is because education breeds success. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who invest in themselves. Here are just a few reasons why you should never stop learning (especially as an entrepreneur, eye wink):

  • To stay inspired. With any project or business you take on, there often comes a time when you find yourself in a creative drought, lacking inspiration. One way to spark some innovation is to learn something new. Reading an empowering book or listening to an informative podcast will definitely leave you brainstorming some new plans for your business!
  • To maintain your passion. This goes hand-in-hand with the first reason. Entrepreneurship and day-to-day work can be hard sometimes. The same routine can feel like a chore if you're not looking for ways to change it up a bit. That's why educating yourself is so crucial for entrepreneurs. Learning about your industry and listening to others' success stories will remind you of your "why" when things get tough, and it will leave you feeling more passionate about your own career path.
  • To keep up with the times. With technology, consumer behavior, and business ever-changing, it's important to stay up-to-date with the trends. If you want your business to advance and survive over time, then you have to invest in your education. Reading business and news articles regularly is beneficial for the health of your business.
  • To become a better leader. When you invest in yourself and advance your knowledge, you become a better leader and an inspiration for others. You'll be the person others turn to for advice and support, because of your wisdom. And there is no better feeling than knowing you can help someone else with something you yourself have learned firsthand.

Investing in yourself is game-changing for you and your business. When you continue to educate yourself, you stay inspired, maintain your passion, keep up with the trends, and ultimately, become a better leader. And, that my friends is so valuable. What will you start incorporating into your daily routine to help further your education? Will it be listening to motivational podcasts, reading inspirational books, or taking online courses? I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments!

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  • Excellent message. I love this. I often think of how exciting these times we live in are. We even have access to free education. I love apps like Edex and Udemy.. I am constantly learning and growing. Every day I study something. As a Life Coach & Business Coach I use all of the knowledge and skills I gather and share them with my clients. For anyone who is open and eager to learning, with the use of technology and the Information Age, one can truly master any craft or art. This is really a perfect awesome storm, especially for entrepreneurs. Thank you for posting this to inspire us!

    Posted by Maggie Holbik | October 30, 2019
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