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Welcome to Sweet On You Boutique!

Meet the owner: 

If you're new here, welcome!!! My name is Tori Haughey, and I am the owner of Sweet On You Boutique. Some of you may know me from my YouTube channel, "Trending With Tori", where my primary focus is on beauty, fashion, business, and lifestyle trends. If not, well, I'm a small-town, 20-something, Jersey girl with big dreams and a strong desire to make them happen!

But, you should know, this wasn't always the case. For some time, I wasn't confident in myself nor my future. In fact, when I was finishing up my last few semesters in college, I developed anxiety about life after school. Every day, I questioned whether or not I should have chosen a different major—other than Entrepreneurship—one that wasn't so risky and uncertain. Would I find a job straight out of college, like my friends? Am I capable of running a business on my own? To be honest, I even questioned my own self-worth.

It wasn't until I took my first job out of college that I was able to finally pick myself up. The position was not what I had hoped for after my many months of searching, but I needed to "get my feet wet". Within a few weeks, my feet were soaked in unhappiness. That's when it hit me. My a-ha moment. Every day I was working for someone else's dream and losing touch of my own. What was I waiting for? If I wanted my dream to become a reality, I had to make it happen. Sure, it was uncertain. Sure, it might be scary. But, it was my passion; and it's what I wanted to do with my life. So, I quit that job, found one that better suited me, and I set to work. 

Now, almost a year and a half later, I am starting my first business (a huge dream of mine), while also working a full-time job in the city, and I am the most confident me I have ever been.

I know who I am.

I know what I want for my life.

I'm not afraid of uncertainty. I embrace it.

I want the same for you. This is what led me to start Sweet On You Boutique.

Sweet On You Boutique is a trendy, online women's clothing store. And while we do provide unique clothing pieces that will help you feel good about your look, our ultimate goal is to help you feel good about your overall self, both inside and out. That’s our mission. To empower women to feel confident not just in their style, but in their skin.

My hope is that you will grab some “sweet” items here, wear them with pride, and strut your stuff. That you’ll give your self-confidence a boost in the right direction by loving yourself now, just as you are.

Trust me. It’ll look Sweet On You! 😊


- Tori Haughey